Our Past Funeral Home Negligence Cases
Past Funeral Home Negligence Cases at Traction Law Group

Assisting Families With Funeral Home Cases

In the profoundly emotional time following the loss of a loved one, the last thing a grieving family should worry about is whether the professionals entrusted with handling the funeral and burial processes will do so with care, respect, and precision. Unfortunately, errors happen, and when they do, they can amplify the grief and pain families are already experiencing. Here are three past funeral home negligence cases where our firm stepped in to help clients with these complex issues.

Case 1: The Wrongful Presentation

In one heartbreaking case, a family attended what they believed was the viewing of their loved one, only to discover the wrong decedent was in the casket. The funeral home had made an identification error, leading to a distressing and traumatic experience for our clients.

Our firm and co-counsel fought for compensatory damages on behalf of the family. Through diligent work, we held the funeral home accountable for its negligence. We secured a fair settlement for the family, ensuring adequate compensation for the additional grief and trauma they experienced.

Case 2: Wrongful Burial

In a severe case, a funeral home informed two families, months after the burial of their loved ones, that a horrific mix-up had occurred. Each decedent was buried in the wrong cemetery due to administrative errors by the funeral home. The shock of receiving such news so long after their loved ones’ funerals was a traumatic experience that added to the families’ grief.

Our firm and co-counsel quickly took action against the responsible funeral home, arguing that their careless handling of the burials constituted negligence. We advocated fiercely for our clients, fighting for damages to cover the emotional pain and other related expenses. We were successful in our efforts, ensuring that the families received the compensation they deserved in these distressing circumstances.

Case 3: Unauthorized Cremation

In another unfortunate case, a funeral home interfered with the family’s wish to bury their loved one when they mistakenly cremated the decedent due to an identification issue. The family was left not only dealing with the loss of their loved one but also grappling with the fact that the funeral home disregarded their wishes for burial.

Our firm pursued a claim against the funeral home, arguing that their negligence resulted in severe emotional distress and violated the family’s right to say goodbye to their loved one. Our firm and co-counsel secured a substantial settlement for the family, providing at least some solace during a difficult time.

Navigating funeral negligence cases requires a skillful touch, compassionate counsel, and an unwavering dedication to justice. Contact us for a consultation — no one should face these challenges alone. If you or a loved one has experienced a similar situation, our firm is here to help.

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