Marion Graham Mortuaries Investigation

The Florida Department of Financial Services Marion Graham Mortuaries Investigation

In light of the recent Marion Graham Mortuaries investigation by the Florida Department of Financial Services in Jacksonville, it has come to our attention that the funeral director, Elliot Maurice Graham, is accused of serious misconduct, including providing families with “fake” cremated remains, stealing money, and abandoning the funeral home. These allegations have led to charges of grand theft and improper preservation of a human body, highlighting a profound breach of trust and dignity in handling the remains of loved ones.

Florida Resources for Impacted Families

For families impacted, especially those with Pre-Need Funeral contracts through Marion Graham Mortuaries, there is a recourse available through the Pre-need Funeral Contract Consumer Protection Trust Fund (CPTF). This trust, established under section 497.456 of the Florida Statutes, is designed to assist consumers in cases where preneed contract sellers cannot fulfill their obligations. Eligible individuals may file a claim for reimbursement of funds to ensure the intended preneed services are provided.

Our Investigation of Potential Claims of Mishandled Remains

At Traction Law Group, we understand the depth of betrayal and emotional distress funeral home negligence incidents can cause. We are committed to supporting affected families by exploring potential claims related to mishandled remains and connecting them with resources for assistance. If you or someone you know has been affected by the practices at Marion Graham Mortuaries, we urge you to contact us. Our team dedicates itself to ensuring that the dignity of your loved ones and your family’s rights are respected and upheld during this challenging time.

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