How to File a Florida Funeral Home Complaint

Florida Funeral Home Complaints – Step by Step

In this blog post, we will discuss the process of filing a complaint against a funeral home in Florida. Knowing how to file a complaint is essential to ensure funeral homes are held accountable for negligence or misconduct.

Step 1: Gather Information

Document the details of the incident, including dates, names, and the specific issue(s) you encountered with the Florida funeral home.

Collect relevant documentation, such as contracts, receipts, or photographs, to support your complaint.

Step 2: Research Florida Regulations and Agencies

In Florida, the regulatory agency responsible for overseeing funeral homes is the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services.

To file a complaint, visit the Division’s website and navigate to the ‘Consumer Help‘ section. You will find information on the complaint process, including any necessary forms and contact information.

Step 3: Prepare and Submit Your Complaint

Complete the required complaint form, ensuring that you clearly and concisely describe the issue(s) at hand. Be thorough and provide as much detail as possible.

Submit the complaint form and documents to the Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services.

The completed complaint should be mailed to the address below:

Mailing Address

The Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services

200 East Gaines Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0361

Telephone Numbers:

The Division may be contacted at 850-413-3039 or Toll-Free in Florida at 800-323-2627


Answers to additional questions may be found on the Division’s FAQ.

Step 4: Follow Up on Your Complaint

The Division will review your complaint and may contact you for further information. Depending on the case’s complexity, the investigation process may take several weeks or months.

Stay informed about the progress of your complaint by contacting the Division or checking their website for updates.

The turnaround time for an investigation is typically quoted at 60 days.

Consider Consulting an Attorney:

Filing a complaint against a funeral home in Florida helps hold funeral homes accountable for their actions. You can protect yourself and others from negligence or misconduct by reporting issues and staying informed about your rights and regulations.

If you believe you have experienced funeral home negligence, you may want to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. A funeral negligence attorney can provide legal advice and help you navigate the complaint process, ensuring your rights are protected.

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